Metal coatings are coatings that are applied to metal in order to protect the metal and reduce wear and tear. An unprotected metal will rust and corrode due to environmental exposure. By coating the metal, an extra layer of protection is provided.

Metal coatings are often made from polymers, such as epoxy, polyurethane, and moisture cure urethane.

A variety of coatings can be applied to metal, and the choice of which type of coating to apply is determined by the end use of the metal product. Some types of metal coatings are designed to protect the metal from rust, corrosion, dirt and debris. This is important for applications in outdoor equipment, like boats, heavy equipment, automobiles, trains, and airplanes. All of these items are exposed to a variety of agents through the working environment that could be harmful, like fuel, oil, lubricants, and dirt. The metal coating prevents oxidation and rust. Without a protective coating, the metal of a train or car would quickly be damaged by the liquids and chemicals to which it is routinely exposed. Coating the metal protects it from these contaminants, thereby providing a more durable and long-lasting product.

In other cases, metal coatings are used to act as lubricants or torque agents. For example, screws, bolts, and fasteners are metal objects that are often treated with a metal coating in order to make them easier to unscrew or tighten.

Around the house, you might find metal coatings on your outdoor furniture, fence, or pool accessories. The coating of the metal protects these items from the weather so that your patio furniture doesn’t rust when it sits outside through a rainstorm. One common form of metal coating that you might recognize around the house is galvanized steel.

Metal equipment is commonly used in heavy duty situations that inflict some measure of damage. The application of a metal coating provides a layer of protection in these situations. Metal coatings can be somewhat flexible, so they resist impact and movement. This helps to prevent chipping and scratching of the metal surface underneath the coating.

Metal coatings can be formulated in a variety of finishes, as well. The finish can be both a cosmetic choice and a functional choice. When a metal coating is applied to a car or airplane, the finish needs to be smooth. A rough finish would negatively impact the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Of course, the choice of color in the metal coating is a cosmetic choice that can be chosen to suit the manufacturer’s tastes.

There are a variety of methods in which metal coatings are applied. Metal coatings can be sprayed on in either liquid or powder form. A product can be dipped into a metal coating or electroplated, as well. There are a variety of factors that determine which method of application is best for the metal coating, including:

  • Time frame
  • Curing
  • Cost
  • Level of thickness
  • Appearance
  • Effectiveness

If you have a metal product that could benefit from the application of a protective metal coating, call the experts at Toefco Engineered Coating Systems, LLC. We stock a variety of metal coating products, and we can even work with you to custom blend a metal coating that will provide all of the qualities that you are looking for.

At Toefco, we are proud to provide the highest level of expertise and customer service to all of our clients. We will help you to find the perfect coating for your product, because we take pride in our customers’ success.

To learn more about our metal coating services company, call us at 888-912-5921 or ask an industrial coating engineer.

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