Xylan® Coatings

Thin Xylan ® coating film solution for surface improvement

Toefco provides Xylan® thin film coating for friction control

Benefits of Xylan® Coatings:

  • Low Friction: CoF as low as .02
  • Wear resistance: even under extreme pressures
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance in most environments
  • Weather resistance: against sunlight, salt water and road chemicals
  • Wide temperature operating range from -420 to + degrees F
  • Flexible curing schedule: ambient to 750 degrees F
  • Wide color range: color code your product
  • Pliability: Many Xylan coatings will bend freely and repeatedly without breaking
  • Machinability: apply multiple coats of Xylan coating and mill to specification
  • Excellent adhesion to most metals, plastics, ceramics and wood.

Xylan® Coating Statistics

Tensile Strength (ASTM D1708) 4000 – 5000 psi
Elongation (ASTM D1457) 50%
Impact Strength (ASTM D256) 13 ft – lb/in
Hardness (ASTM D2240) 60 – 90 HB (shore D)
Abrasion Resistance (Tabor) > 15 mg
Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D1894) .15 – .35 static
Dielectric Strength (ASTM D149) 1400 volts per mil
Use Temperature -100°F to 500°F max
Melting Point n/a
Thermal Conductivity n/a
Chemical Resistance (ASTM D543) good
Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B117) excellent
Water Absorption (ASTM D570) < .03 %
Thickness .0008″ – .002″

Xylan® coatings solve the problems created when the ideal material for use in engineering construction has the wrong surface properties.

Thin Xylan ® coating film solution for surface improvement

Xylan® coatings solve the problems created when the ideal material for use in engineering construction has the wrong surface properties. Applied as a thin film, Xylan is exceptionally capable of adhesion to surfaces that do not readily accept other PTFE coatings.

Xylan® coatings provide lubrication and controlled friction, wear resistance, heat resistance, nonstick and release properties, and, at the same time, can also protect from corrosion.

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Types of Xylan® Coatings 

Xylan® 1010 Resin-bonded, dry-film lubricant/non­ stick coatings. They may be used on any part or component to reduce friction, prevent scoring and galling, or provide secondary lubrication in the event of failure of the primary (conventional) lubricant. As the coating also has excellent chemical resistance and the greatest operating temperature range of any fluoropolymer coating, Xylan 1010 is the best low-friction coating on the market today.
Xylan® 1052

Formulated for high-pressure, low­ speed wear applications, Xylan 1052 provides long term lubrication for bearing surfaces subjected to extreme pressures: up to 150,000 psi (10,500 kg/cm2). The coating utilizes a unique dual lubrication system of PTFE and MoS2. Superior to "moly" greases which wash away and PTFE coatings which "cold flow", resin-bonded lubricants in Xylan 1052 stay on the job, even in harsh chemical environments.

Xylan® 1070 Fastener-class coating provides lubrication with extra corrosion protection. Xylan 1070 is used to coat large studs (B7), nuts, flanges, and related hardware for sub-sea and splash-zone service. Because of its predictable, low-friction properties, less "make-up" torque is required to produce the specified tension. During assembly, clamp loads are increased; "scatter" is reduced.
Xylan® 1424 Fastener-class coating material that is a waterborne/VOC-compliant, resin-bonded, thermally cured, single-film, dry lubricant. It is primarily formulated for use on fasteners to prevent corrosion and facilitate make-up torque.
Xylan® 1427 Extreme corrosion- and chemical­ resistant coating that is also a waterborne/VOC­ compliant, resin-bonded, thermally cured, single­ film, dry-film lubricant. Primarily formulated for use on fasteners to prevent attack from a broad spectrum of chemicals and corrosives. Provides extra corrosion protection while retaining all attributes associated with a composite coating.

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