The Team

Artie McElwee

As the Executive Management Team Leader, I am responsible for leading and guiding the team towards achieving company objectives. I enjoy solving complex problems and have gained extensive industry experience over 19 years, driving the company's growth. In my spare time, I enjoy motorsports and outdoor activities. I take pride in delivering high-quality results and would spray coat anything if given the chance.

Landon Stratford
Graduated from Manchester University with a double major in Accounting & Finance. While studying, Landon participated in collegiate baseball and enjoyed hanging out with friends. After graduation, Landon went to work in public accounting and eventually switched to his passion, corporate accounting. In his off time, Landon enjoys hanging out with his family/friends and spending as much time as possible outdoors. With a go-getter attitude and a grit that drives excellence, Landon eagerly anticipates the success and growth in Toefco’s future.
Mike Hessey
Senior Plant Engineer

As a dedicated member of the Toefco team for 38 years, my responsibilities include researching and developing new products, creating prototypes for new jobs, and conducting job training. What I enjoy most about my position is the opportunity to tackle new challenges. In my free time, I enjoy riding my motorcycle. If given the chance, I would love to personally spray-coat military parts.

Beth Shoemaker
Operations Manager
My responsibilities include overseeing the organization which includes manufacturing processes and scheduling, purchasing and customer service.  I have over 35 years background in manufacturing customer service.  My favorite part of my job is working with our Team directly and the interaction that comes along with it.  In my spare time I enjoy time "Up North" with family and friends.  
Cindy Roddy
Customer Service
Cindy has worked at Toefco for 2 years in customer service and is a key component to Toefco’s success. Cindy enjoys the diversity in her day-to-day work and the industries in which Toefco does business. With 20+ years in customer service, Cindy delivers many attributes that drive performance and success at Toefco. While focusing on quality, Cindy's main deliverable is the customer's experience at Toefco. 
Brooke Horner
HR/Office Administrator
AR/AP Specialist
Nora recently joined the staff at Toefco and brings with her many years of experience working in accounting in various industries. She is excited to be part of a team that is looking to the future to improve processes.
Michelle Kyle
Quality Manager

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