Why Toefco

It’s What’s Behind the Coating

What makes Toefco one of the coating industry’s most sought after applicators? It starts with our experienced engineers. Exceptionally coated products are a result of our engineers delivering the precise mix of performance attributes the end user demands.

At Toefco we know that no two Toefco coating products are exactly alike and what separates us from the competition are the process controls we have in place to provide you the best coating solution. The process controls we have in place, from our coating consultation to SpecView to the Regenerative and Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), allow us to understand and identify specific parameters in the process, from heat corrosion to environmental pressures, in order to properly coat any product.

Simply put, creating an exceptionally coated product all comes down to understanding what precisely will fit an application’s performance requirements and then offering the best solution.

Our approach has won us a wide variety of coating customers.

We’ve served industries including:

and more…

Our expertise has been applied to thousands of components from radiators to tail pipes, from rocket components to pancake griddles. We are skilled at applying more than 400 different coating varieties (Take a look at our industrial coatings list).

While depth of experience is important, the ultimate Toefco credential is our commitment to the idea that all coating projects are created equal. From a single item to a large quantity requiring our automated chain-on-edge processing automation, the same attention to technical detail and finish quality is present in every coating application that bears the Toefco name.

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