Powder coating is a material that is applied to metal surfaces while dry. It’s similar to paint, except that it’s a powder. After application, it’s then heat cured so that it provides a very durable finish over metal surfaces that may not have the right surface properties on their own. Powder coating is one of the newest techniques used for finishing surfaces, going back only about 40 years or so.

The material that’s sprayed on as a powder is made up of particles of resin and pigment. This coating offers a wide variety of benefits, which is why so many industries use it every single day. It is extremely durable and comes in a wide variety of colors, which means it not just provides the right surface properties for applications. It also can be used to give certain colors to various products.

Here are just five industries that can benefit from powder coating services:

    • Pharmaceutical – Recent studies have indicated that using a comil to apply dry powder coatings to powders in the pharmaceutical industry do seem to improve the flow of those powders and their bulk density. In this case, silicone dioxide is sprayed onto the pharmaceutical powder. This discovery resulted in better formulated pharmaceutical blends.


    • Automotive – Within the automotive industry, powder coating is used in a variety of ways, including everything from wheels and hub caps to door handles, bumpers, and even decorative trim. In many cases, powder coating is used to protect the body of the automobile from corrosion or rust. In addition to these exterior uses, this material is also used inside the engine on radiators, filters, and other parts. Many new models of Volvo and BMW are already using this type of coating, and Ford, GM, and Chrysler are testing it.


    • Appliances – The most common uses for powder coating in the appliance industry is on the side and front panels of common household appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and water heaters. It is also fairly common to find this material used as a replacement for the enamel that was traditionally used in the parts for washers and dryers.


    • Construction – All over the world for the past three decades, builders have been discovering the benefits of using this type of coating as a finish because it’s long lasting, durable, and available in many different colors. It is also resistant to UV rays and scratches, which makes it an excellent outdoor coating material.


    • Consumer product industry – You will also find this type of coating used commonly in numerous other products you use every single day, including everything from light fixtures to those tiny components used inside of electronics. Golf clubs, ski poles, bikes, furniture, and even mechanical pencils often have some type of powder coating on them. The number of random daily uses for this type of coating is nearly endless.

Another reason so many industries are turning to powder rather than traditional solvent-based liquid finishes is because it is safer for the environment. Liquid finishes that are made up of solvents actually contain environmental pollutants known as VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.

Powder, on the other hand, does not release a substantial amount of pollutants, if it even releases any. Using it eliminates the need for equipment to help control pollution, which can be extremely expensive. The waste involved in using powder as a coating is also reduced greatly because whatever is left over and doesn’t adhere to the material it is being sprayed on can be collected and used again. Toefco is a leading supplier of powder coatings. They also provide nitrocoat coatings and custom coating services.

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