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Types of Metal Coating Services

July 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

When it comes to metal coating services, there are hundreds, if not thousands of different options. In the world of industry, machines play an important role, and most machines are made of large metal components. However, these metal components can’t operate at optimum performance without some type of coating to reduce friction or protect the surface of the metal. Just as there are many different types of metals and a seemingly endless supply of applications for coatings, there are plenty of options available. Only an expert who deals with metal coatings every single day can understand the nuances involved with selecting the best one for a given circumstance or use. In general, there are about four different types of coatings available:

  • Plastic – This type of coating comes in various shapes and sizes. The sheer number of plastic coatings that are available for metal parts makes it seem as if there couldn’t possibly be any other common materials used for coating metal. Everything from fluoropolymers to ETFE, which is commonly known under the brand names Texlon, Fluon, and Tefzel is included in this type of coating. Even Teflon™ falls under this particular category, and almost everyone knows how great of a non-stick coating it provides because of the common use of it in cookware.
  • Paint – Sometimes high heat paint provides the answer to your metal coating needs. Paint is a liquid that will flow smoothly into the smallest cracks and crevices between the moving parts. It is commonly used to protect metal from corrosion, much like the paint on a car keeps the body from rusting.
  • Metal – Sometimes one type of metal is needed to make a part, while another type of metal provides the right properties to protect the first metal. Of course this type of metal coating has changed a lot over the years with the addition of products like NitroCoat. This product performs similar to various metals used for coating, but it is applied using chemicals in a very advanced application process. Molybdenum disulfide is another example of a type of metal coating that is very common. It’s perfect for cases when you need extra lubrication.
  • Other polymers, like rubber – The industrial world is filled with polymers that provide an excellent coating for metals, and like the list of plastics, the list of polymers is quite long. In fact, some plastics are alsopolymers.

There are so many applications that it is nearly impossible to know which kind will be your best option unless you specialize in this area of expertise. However, the type of coating you use on the working metal parts is one of the most important components. Your selection should be made based on the operation temperatures of the machine, any liquids, acids, or chemicals that are going to come into contact with the machine parts, and other elements. Each situation may call for something just slightly different from the next, so it is important that you understand the materials completely so that you know which one will work the best for your application.

Toefco provides and applies hundreds of different metal coatings. Their experts will help you figure out the best type of coating for your needs. They offer a variety of application technologies, including high or low volume coatings, overhead conveyers, a job shop, chain on edge automation, and bulk coating. They use more than 20 ovens to help deliver quick turnaround on all of their products.

To learn more about our metal coating services company, call us at 888-912-5921 or ask an industrial coating engineer.