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February 2023 Update - Toefco has an ample supply of Halar (ECTFE coatings) IN STOCK.
If you are having an issue with your current supplier or need to place a new order, please call us at 800.555.6495 or fill out a quote request form.

23 Apr


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Improve Your Product with Teflon™ Industrial Powder Coating Services

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Toefco’s capabilities outpace the coatings industry in application expertise, coating capability, and customer satisfaction. Over the past 50 years of coating experience, our applicators have skillfully applied thousands of different coating formulations.

Why choose Toefco?

  • Application technology
    Minimum cost and maximum flexibility are the dual goals of Tefco coating technology.
    We bring cost effectiveness to quantities from a single part to components in the millions.

    • High volume coating for cost savings on small or large parts
    • Low volume coating on components of any size
  • Custom formulation
    Our over 50 years of experience ensures our coatings deliver better protection, longer life, and improved performance
  • Woman owned minority supplier
    Open up possibilities for meeting minority contracting requirements
Request a quote or talk to a Toefco engineered coating expert at 888.912.0162 today!

Teflon™ powder coating services can dramatically improve the quality of your product. Professional powder coating services are available which can manage very large orders. Simply provide the details of the job to receive a quote. Powder coating services may not be as expensive as you think, and can do a lot for your product.

To learn more about Teflon™ industrial coatings, call us at 888-912-5921 or ask an industrial coating engineer.