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22 Oct


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How Industrial Coatings Help Avert Rust and Corrosion

October 22, 2014 | By | No Comments

There are many different kinds of industrial processes, all of which use a variety of materials, metals, and equipment. Each one of these items is very susceptible to rust, corrosion, and abrasions, mostly because metal surfaces react poorly with the atmosphere. The oxidation process causes rust, and as these materials continue to be used, it just gets worse. So to keep these metals from deteriorating, an industrial coating is necessary. After all, corrosion is hard on machinery. It can cause breakdowns and contamination, so it’s important for various industries to use industrial coatings to make the surfaces of their equipment more durable.

Often various types of weather conditions make certain coatings better than others. High temperatures or low temperatures cause different kinds of problems, but a thermal coating can be effective in preventing these types of problems. The metal can be made sturdier by coating it with a thermal material. It’s important to choose the right type of coating to ensure that it really does help protect the surface from the extreme temperatures you are dealing with.

In addition to thermal coatings, there are also many other different kinds of industrial coatings. Powder coatings can be extremely helpful, especially in cases in which you need a coating that does not contain a solvent. These types of coatings can prevent corrosion on various materials like aluminum, acrylic, automobile parts, or fireboards. Powder coatings are applied by heating up a thermoplastic material so that it turns into a powder. In most cases the surface itself is also heated up before the powder coating is applied so that the coating will stick to it effectively. Then a special gun applies the powder on the metal surfaces so that they do not corrode. Powder coatings are an excellent choice any time you need to ensure that the surface can resist corrosion or many kinds of chemical reactions.

Another common industrial coating that can help prevent corrosion is PTFE, which is a non-stick material that is commonly sold under the Teflon™ brand name. These coatings prevent corrosion while also preventing materials from sticking to them. PTFE coatings also tend to increase the mechanical strength of the machine they are applied to. They resist the oxidation process as well as ultra-violet rays, many different kinds of chemical reactions, and even nuclear radiation. This type of coating is extremely beneficial in ensuring that some pieces of equipment last longer.

Industrial coatings are often the only line of defense against rust or corrosion. Industries of all kinds have different needs when it comes to the type of coating that would be best for them. It is essential that you speak with an expert when trying to decide which type of coating will be beneficial for your needs. There are so many different kinds of coatings that you must understand the differences among all of them in order to make a wise decision about which coating you should select for your project. Choosing wisely will ensure that your equipment lives a long, healthy life.

Let the experts at Toefco help you find the right industrial coating for your project. We call themselves the coating customizers because it doesn’t matter what kind of coating you need, we can engineer it to fit your specific performance needs, no matter what the application is. We carry a wide range of different types of coatings and use only top of the line automated equipment so that any business owner can afford a superior industrial coating.

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