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11 Jun


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Five Benefits of Xylan Coatings | Xylan Coated

June 11, 2014 | By | No Comments

Xylan is one of the most versatile materials to make coatings out of, which means that there are plenty of benefits to using it. In fact, there are eight different kinds of xylan coatings. This enables you to not only enjoy all the benefits of using xylan as your coating material, but also customize its use precisely by choosing the best formulation of the coating.

Here are five benefits of using xylan coatings over other types:

  • They’re thin. They may seem like a bad thing, but the purpose of xylan coatings is to create a very thin film over other surfaces. The reason for this is because sometimes the ideal material for making a specific product might not have the right surface properties. Xylan coatings provide the answer to this problem by simply laying a thin film over the top, thus providing just enough of the right surface material to get the job done while still enjoying all the benefits of using the best possible material for the item itself.
  • They have high adhesion. Many other types of PTFE coatings just won’t stick to some surfaces, but xylan coatings will. Their adhesive properties are almost unparalleled in the engineering industry.
  • Friction is controlled. Xylan coatings provide plenty of lubrication and help to control friction in a way other coatings can’t.
  • They’re resistant to heat and wear. This type of coating is made to resist high temperatures and also lots of wear. It’s the perfect combination for any engineering use.
  • Eight different customizable options. The versatility of this type of coating means that you can find precisely the right type of material needed for your task. Many coatings made from this material are perfect for screws or other types of threaded fasteners, while others are made specifically for automotive uses. Some types are solvent-borne, while others are waterborne. The number of applications for this type of coating are simple endless.

Just about any major engineering or industrial project can benefit from this type of coating, but the only way to know for sure which formulation of this coating will work perfectly is to consult a professional.

Toefco offers xylan coatings, and their experts know everything there is to know about working with this type of material. They’ll even help point you in the right direction if another product will actually work better for what you need.

To learn more about xylan coated products, call us at 888-912-5921 or ask an industrial coating engineer.