Industrial Coatings

More options yield better performance

Click on a coating below to learn more about the capabilities of a coating in the Toefco selection.

  • Teflon™  expert
    application of the popular
    fluoropolymer family

  • Excalibur Coating exclusive
    nonstick with superior
  • Xylan thin film coating for
    friction control

  • Fluoropolymer time-tested
    resin/lubricant blend

  • Nitrocoat hardness and
    friction protection at
    extreme temperatures


  • Molybdenum Disulfide
    fights friction in high
    pressure loads

  • Epoxy Thermal Cure
    corrosion and abrasion
    protection with impact

  • PTFE the gold standard
    for nonstick coating
  • PPS/Ryton chemical
    resistance in a thin-film form


  • FEP PTFE performance
    with greater abrasion

  • PVDF top quality for
    chemical processing

  • ECTFE impact strength
    plus chemical resistance

  • ETFE strong corrosion
    protection across
    temperature ranges

With 400+ coating types to choose from, it’s highly likely that Toefco offers a product with the exact attributes your application needs. In many cases we engineer a custom coating that precisely fits your requirements for surface protection, impact resistance, lubricity, temperature tolerance, corrosion resistance, and more.

After a half century of experience, we have everything it takes to deliver on this industry-leading promise of performance.

  • Knowledgeable engineers with detailed expertise from thousands of coating applications
  • Rigorous attention to every step in the coating process, with many steps accomplished by state-of-the-art automated equipment
    • Overhead conveyor lines
    • Chain-on-edge lines
    • A full complement of bulk machines
    • Over 20 ovens for fast turnarounds
    • An ISO-Certified quality system to document correct and consistent application

The secret ingredient behind this capability is a personal passion for performance. We have an absolute zest for digging into a challenge and pride in our ability to deliver the best possible solution.

If you have any questions about our industrial coating services or industrial coating capabilities for your next project, then contact one of our Toefco industrial coating engineers by using the form below.

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