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08 Oct


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Reasons to Choose Excalibur Fluoropolymer Coatings

October 8, 2014 | By | No Comments

There are many different kinds of industrial coatings available on the market these days, and Excalibur coatings have rapidly become one of the most versatile and useful options available. Fluoropolymer coatingshave been important for the cookware industry because of their non-stick qualities, but the problem for industrial applications is the fact that fluoropolymers tend to be very soft and would wear away quite easily.

Excalibur fluoropolymer coatings were revolutionary in their design because they offer the highly non-stick properties of fluoropolymers combined with the resistance to abrasion and toughness that is needed in equipment like compactors, rollers, mixers, and agitators.

Excalibur coatings are designed to be reinforced on the outside. They are the most resistant to wear of all non-stick and low friction fluoropolymer coatings. The material is different from standard non-stick coatings because it combines tough coatings that are rich in PTFE with the reinforcement of steel alloys. The combination of the hardness from the stainless steel and the non-stick, low friction properties possessed by PTFE have made it possible for Excalibur coatings to jump from the cookware industry over to heavy industrial applications. Here’s how Excalibur coatings are made:

  1. The ultra-smooth surface gets blasted by some type of abrasive, which roughens the material just enough so that other materials used throughout the process will stick to it better.
  2. White hot stainless steel particles then get sprayed onto the surface of the coating.
  3. After the stainless steel cools and hardens, they become welded to the surface and form part of its substrate.
  4. The final result is a surface filled with valleys and peaks, which provides an excellent, hard base for non-stick surfaces, which is held in place by those valleys and peaks.

Excalibur coatings are used in numerous applications, like in safety harnesses, which require free movement along cables made from steel for strength.

In the event that abrasive or hard surfaces are dragged across something that has received an Excalibur coating, the abrasive material doesn’t go into the valleys of the surface, so they don’t scratch the non-stick coating. That makes it possible for items that have an Excalibur coating to retain their non-stick properties for longer and under harsher treatment.

Excalibur coatings are also extremely flexible, which makes them perfect for us in tumblers and chutes, where impact with the surface is very hard. The resistant properties of this type of coating are similar to anodized surfaces that have PTFE added to them.

Excalibur coatings are perfect for numerous different applications, but it’s important to realize that they won’t work for every application. You should always consult with someone who understands the finer points of industrial coatings so that you can rest assured that the product you select has been engineered precisely for your specifications. After all, there are many different reasons you may be considering an Excalibur coating, and only someone who works with this material on a regular basis can help you figure out if it really is the best choice for what you need.

Call the coating customizers at Toefco to find out if Excalibur fluoropolymer coatings are right for your application. They combine technology with creativity to get results for their customers. Toefco engineers coatings precisely to their customers’ specifications, so anyone who purchases coatings from them knows that they can expect quality at a competitive price. Toefco is a woman-owned supplier, which enables companies to fulfill their minority contracting requirements.

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