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February 2023 Update - Toefco has an ample supply of Halar (ECTFE coatings) IN STOCK.
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May 2014 - Toefco

28 May


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Teflon™ Coating Spray

May 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

Teflon™ is the brand name that was originally trademarked for polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE). PTFE was discovered, by accident, by a scientist in the 1930s. Upon the discovery of its unique properties, including its low corrosion and abrasion, high temperature resistance, water resistance, and non-stick abilities, PTFE was quickly trademarked as Teflon™. Its uses have grown exponentially over the years, and Teflon™ and its sister brands are now used widely in almost every industry.

Teflon™ coating spray is a product that sprays on, much like spray-paint, and then it’s baked until it forms a solid coat. This allows the user to put a waterproof, non-corrosive protective coating on any product they wish.

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21 May


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Taking Licensed Applicator Status for Industrial Coaters to the Next Level

May 21, 2014 | By | No Comments

Industrial coaters are an important part of any industry, but not everyone is approved to apply them. It’s important to find a Licensed Industrial Applicator to make sure that the person knows what they are doing. A network of companies has been built up that are Licensed Industrial Applicators; the companies are selected because they have shown that they have extensive knowledge in the area of the application of industrial coaters. Chemours owns the Teflon name and line of products, so if they certify a company as a licensed industrial applicator, then you can rest assured that your industrial coaters will be applied properly. After all, as a business, you can’t afford to have your machines down for any longer than they need to be, especially when the issues can be avoided by simply finding someone who is qualified to apply industrial coaters. Read More

14 May


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Understanding Powder Coating Services

May 14, 2014 | By | No Comments

“Powder coating services” sounds like such a complicated term, but it really isn’t. These services are actually perfect for a variety of reasons, but you have to know how they work if you want to understand how you and your business can benefit from them. In short, powder coating services places a sealing layer over pain. The powder may be applied by lowering the part into the powder or by spraying the powder onto the part. Next the item is baked until the powder melts on and forms a sealing layer over the paint.

Powder coating services offer a high level of sealing over the paint, and the only reason they might fail is if the preparation of the powder was not done properly. This is why you need a professional to take care of all your coating needs so you know that they are done properly. There are different applications and ways to prepare powder coating services for a variety of materials, including: Read More

07 May


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Three Benefits of Custom Industrial Coatings

May 7, 2014 | By | No Comments

Custom industrial coatings are the perfect solution to keep your machines running smoothly. Each machine is made a bit different from the next, and custom coatings will ensure that everything inside of it stays protected. Of course you could always go with coatings that are pre-made, but you can’t be sure of exactly what is in them.

Here are three reasons custom coatings will meet your needs better than those pre-made ones. Read More